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We want you to be healthy!

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My Family Clinic was established for you so that you do not feel frustrated and helpless when a trouble strikes, that you take comfort in the event of your or your baby’s sickness.

Our goal is not only to timely complete necessary tests, to treat ailments, but also to take care of preventive measures, to encourage you to undergo medical prevention analyses, and advise you on any medical issue. We are committed to take care of everyone's health!

By constantly improving our knowledge in specialized training courses, seminars and international conferences, we strive to provide you with high quality healthcare services approved by the World Health Organization (WHO). You are all welcome in My Family Clinic

We want you to be healthy!

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GP Dr. Ausra Jakiene IMCRN 404259

Nurse Birute Milciuviene PIN 152646

Specialist in Gynaecology dr. Ilona Silkaitiene IMCRN 416063

Specialist in Gynaecology Dr. Vitalija Druktenyte IMCRN 419398

Psychologist Ms Sandra Siurnaite

  • GP services

    Blood and Urine Testing

    ECG electrocardiography

    Ear wax removal

    Allergy testing


My Family Clinic

2 The Clonee Centre,
Main Street,
Clonee, Co. Meath

Tel: 085 2262999
E-mail: info@myfamilyclinic.ie